How did you get the idea  :

I arrived in Paris in 2014 for my studies and I began to discover the city. Shopping in Paris is something special: there are many independent shops in which we like to introduce ourselves and discover a whole universe.

Unfortunately, small traders are disappearing more and more, with large franchises dominating the market. I found this finding unfortunate and wanted to find a way to support originality and creation.

I thought of a way to access private sales in these popular but still unknown shops.

Mid-December 2015 I share the project idea to Nidal Nagib and Abdelfatah Aissi – comrades of promotion to the Mines of Douai and they decide to join me to concretize the project.

Your products and services  :

We want to develop a website offering a notebook of good addresses (independent shops) and offer for sale a card allowing access to private sales of all partner stores referenced on our site.

Your success factors  :

The communication about our offer will be a big determining factor for our success, both in the design and in the marketing discourse. Our promotional design will have to be adapted to our target customer and the speech will have to insist on the customer experience which is not proposed by our competitors. Our communication should also be very strong with merchants to solicit the maximum of partners and to negotiate a significant percentage of reduction.
The customer will expect to have access to a wide and varied choice and at the same time very carefully selected; this second point is therefore a success factor that is not neglected.

Your differentiating and disruptive factors in relation to the existing one  :

Our main strength lies in the fact that we are a notebook of good addresses. We do not only sell access to private sales, we also provide store addresses in the air.

Unlike priced online sales, we highlight the fact that consumers can access products directly in the store. This makes it possible to try the articles and to have access to the advice of competent salesmen.

In addition, we assist small retail partners in their development against large chain stores (Zara, H & M, Promod, Lemage, etc …) by helping them build their customer database and improving their visibility.

Your business model (How do you make money?)  :

Our solution is to create a website offering a book of good addresses (independent shops) offering for sale a card allowing access to private sales of all partner stores referenced on our site. We would offer all our partners free software to manage their database (BDD) customers. This will allow us to collect information about customers. Eventually, we will offer them a Pro and Premium version of our software to customize their BDD and exploit this customer information.