The idea:

The idea is to create an application that would make a list of books already read, give opinions on these books, access new releases, best sellers, access the reviews of users on a book … a bit like a store but on an app

How did you get the idea :

When trying to find an application to get this kind of service.

Your success factors :

There is no application of this type, especially on books. Others were created on series, movies … I think the application can reach a lot of people

Your business model (How do you make money?) :

Through advertising predominantly

What can our readers do?

I am ideally looking for a mobile application developer (junior or experienced), either freelance or partner. I have several ideas to develop, I would ideally like to collaborate with someone I trust. I also want to learn, not just “get it done.”

For all readers, I would like your opinion, to know if this concept seems to you well, and if you would use it to you?

Thank you in advance for your feedback!