How did you get the idea:

The first year for a foreign student is certainly the most difficult.

Everything is so different: the way of life, the mentality of people, the climate, the way of life, the way of clothing, the methodology of teaching … And these are small details that we do not necessarily aware before our arrival on site. So, to adapt and integrate, you have to gather as much information as you can before taking an action; and for this purpose a foreign student needs support.
Each year, newcomers experience the same situation and encounter the same problems.

Establishing a community of real friends (RealFriends) in which newcomers from any country or city of destination will have access to as much information as possible, will be ideal for strengthening integration and adaptation foreign students.

Your products and services:

Instant messaging: direct communication between international students (newcomers and residents), associations, young graduates and the RealFriends team

Essential information for the foreign student  : statistics labor market by training, job offers, job offer, alternation, training in schools and universities, statistics professional integration by sector, housing supply …

Events  : Organization forum on entrepreneurship, topics on development, self-confidence, innovative projects …

News  : Opportunities for Entrepreneurship in Africa …

We have a vision : that of preparing an elite that can act for Africa or developing countries from near and far.

Your success factors:

  • A team of young students and welded in front of any event
  • A motivated, committed and above all ambitious team.
  • A team with diversified skills and the same human values
  • The confidence of some student associations concentrating many foreign students

Your differentiating and disruptive factors in relation to the existing one:

  • The platform will be targeted only to the foreign student regardless of his country or city of destination or residence
  • The platform will be the first network only dedicated to foreign students associations and young foreign graduates.

Your business model:

  • Establish partnerships with the maximum number of actors essential to the foreign student (the grandes écoles, universities, banks, mutuals, telephone operators, airlines, embassies …)
  • Make native advertising with content that can be used by the foreign student on the platform
  • And plenty of other things …