Health, wellness or wellness are three words that you will hear every day and that you probably love. Why not do a job? In this guide I’ll explain why (and especially how), open a franchised pharmacy . Discover the requirements, advice for choosing the place for your new business and the best franchises. For each franchise you will find the initial investment required and other requests to know before opening.

Parapharmacy and pharmacy: which differences?
Before explaining how to open a franchise pharmacy I would like to take stock of what is meant by parapharmacy and what the law provides for this particular type of outlets. First of all the parapharmacy can be interpreted as a “quasi-pharmacy”. The substantial difference between the two types consists in the fact that the parapharmacy is not authorized to sell and prepare drugs subject to sale only by prescription.

In other words, the parapharmacy is therefore authorized to sell only drugs that do not require a prescription and over-the-counter medications. However, the drugstore can sell products for wellness and beauty , such as cosmetics, products for children, or even food intended for particular groups of the population, such as those for celiacs, diabetics or low-calorie foods. The parapharmacies are also authorized for the sale of most veterinary medicines.

The presence of parapharmacies is possible in Italy following the so-called “liberalization decree” of 2006, which allowed for the expansion of commercial possibilities for many products, including pharmaceuticals. As we will see later, the sale of drugs, even if over the counter, can not however be carried out by anyone.

Why open a parapharmacy?
As you have been able to understand in the previous paragraphs, the merchandise for sale in parapharmacies is not limited only to over-the-counter drugs, but includes a large portion of products dedicated to wellness and beauty . This sector is a good opportunity for those who want to open a new business, as it is aimed at a very large segment of the population, and for this reason the chances of success are quite high.

Another aspect in favor of the opening of a franchised pharmacy comes from the preference of some people for treatments and remedies other than those of western medicine, which can be marketed in parapharmacies, such as herbal or homeopathic products. The possibility of extending the sale to accessories for health and to host spaces within the parapharmacy rooms for analysis, self-analysis and consultations, are other aspects that can make you understand how the possibilities of attracting customers are really high for this type of activity.

Open a pharmacy: not just for graduates
At this point I guess you’re wondering if you need a degree to open a drugstore. You may be surprised, but the answer is no. In fact, starting from the aforementioned decree on liberalization , anyone can open a parapharmacy. However, if you do not have a degree in pharmacy, you will need to rely on a pharmacist to sell drugs. This means that the owner may not be in possession of the degree, but in this case will have to consider the need to collaborate permanently with one or more pharmacists registered regularly in the register.

However, the presence of a pharmacist is not the only requirement for opening a pharmacy . In the following paragraph I will explain the others.