Home sweet home, of course. But also home, dear home. How many services does your home need to be kept at its best? Many, indeed very many. And it needs so many services already starting from the planning or restructuring phase . This explains why I decided to talk to you about how to open a home improvement business and services.

Construction and services for the home: what are we talking about?
But what do I mean when I talk about construction and services for the home? This sector includes a series of services that are also very different from each other, whose common denominator is the object on which to intervene: the house or the buildings in general.

Home services include those relating to the construction of the house itself or its renovation, such as acrobatic construction and energy-saving design . With reference to the buildings already built, the services for the home may concern its redevelopment, ordinary maintenance or extraordinary work or even disinfestation. As you can see the areas of services for the home are really very large and affect virtually all homes. That’s why working in this sector could be a good business idea. However, people are not always willing (or have the opportunity) to design an activity of this kind to zero. That’s why for those who want to work independently in one of these sectors thefranchise could be an answer.

Why open a service and construction agency

As I have already mentioned in the previous paragraph, the first reason that could push you to evaluate a building activity and services for the franchise house is the broad panorama that this definition includes. In other words: the services that a house or a building in general may need are many and many can be the professional figures to which sooner or later it will be necessary to address.

The choice to open a franchise business for this sector could be advantageous especially for those who have skills in the sector, but do not want to create a new business from scratch, especially in a sector that could prove complex. In this sense, the franchise represents the point of balance between the willingness to work on their own and to avoid the risks associated with a new business project .

In the following section you will find out what the requirements are to open a franchise business for building and home services. Keep reading.

Who can open a building activity: professional requirements and profiles
At least from a theoretical point of view, anyone could open a home or franchising service agency. However, this is a very particular sector; this is why opening is usually recommended for those who already have experience in the sector, like a former employee, who would like to start their own business and therefore be able to manage their working time autonomously. This type of franchise business could also be an idea for a young construction or energy professional .

Depending on the franchise chosen, it is possible that the franchisor provides specific courses for the exercise of the activity. However, keep in mind that for some aspects, such as building construction or energy certification, you may need to avail yourself of the collaboration or advice of professionals qualified for specific jobs.

As regards the permissions for the franchise business, normally you will need:

Open a VAT number
Sending the single communication for the commencement of the activity to the municipality of residence, if it decides to equip you with an office or a space open to the public with direct sales (it is not necessary if the space is a simple office)
Possible specific authorizations for the sector of activity
In the second point of the list I cited a physical space, that is an office open to the public. This space may not be necessary, but it depends a lot on the type of service you want to offer. Also keep in mind that a home building and service business may need a warehouse to store the materials, tools and vehicles needed for the job.