How to open a cleaning company
Cleaning is one of the oldest trades in the world , with a decidedly timeless character. This is a labor as difficult as it is indispensable and for this reason opening a cleaning company can really be an investment with excellent potential for success. This is why we believe that opening a cleaning company is worthwhile and can be an excellent business. For this reason, doing the “cleaning” is an increasingly important and much requested job, especially in big cities where cleaning companies are never enough. So why not make it a successful business by opening a cleaning company?

The opening of a cleaning company , besides enjoying excellent earnings prospects and very few bankruptcy chances, is also a relatively cheap investment . Suffice it to say that to start a cleaning company the initial costs are around five or six thousand euros. To open a cleaning company you need to keep in mind the goals you want to achieve. Depending on the type of activity, in fact, the type of tools to be used and the cost of the initial investment vary.

You can decide to open a small cleaning company, where even the owner himself performs the required tasks, to keep management costs as low as possible. If, instead, you want to aim at higher aspirations, the sum to invest will increase hand in hand with the increase in the services offered by the company and the tools to be purchased. In fact, there are companies that simply offer a basic service, using few indispensable tools. Others, on the other hand, offer specific services such as rodent control, sanitation, disinfection and disinfestation, more complicated operations that require the use of technological and specific tools which, therefore, involve greater investments.

Opening a cleaning company that also offers sanitation services can be a smart choice, given that most companies already on the market only carry out standard cleaning services. This certainly involves more initial investment, but also guarantees greater long-term gains.

The key to keeping your business successful is to create a good clientele. The most incisive advertising in this case is definitely the “word of mouth”. Offering a good service and leaving your customers increasingly satisfied with a competitive price-quality ratio will ensure that in a short time the new business will acquire an increasingly large market share and be able to create its own set of regular customers.

Bureaucracy and requirements to open a cleaning company
Opening a cleaning company implies a specific bureaucratic process and specific technical-professional skills. To start this type of activity, in fact, it is first necessary to open a VAT number and enroll in the Register of Craftsmen or in the Business Register of the Chamber of Commerce. Other fundamental requirements are registration with INPS and INAIL, the absence of criminal convictions or criminal proceedings in progress.

If the company proposes to carry out only basic cleaning tasks, the opening of the business will not require further requirements. If, on the other hand, the company has to carry out deratting, pest control, sanitization, disinfection, etc. services, a technical manager will also be required.