Switzerland is a breeding ground for young bosses. The latest figures from the Federal Statistical Office show 11 531 companies created in 2011. That is 20 484 new jobs, full-time or part-time. If the desire to launch vibrates in many people, the good idea is sometimes wait. Thus, Bilan has listed 41 business ideas unearthed abroad that are still undeveloped at home.

Some concepts emerged in discussions with venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, university professors and industrialists. Other projects were found on sites specializing in the launch of businesses. Some ideas even came from readers of Bilan, who expressed shortcomings, especially at the level of services in Switzerland. In addition to this sector, the key to getting started are the new technologies, whose mobile applications have a comparatively lower starting cost.

Balance gives you some more tips: do not forget to bet on the ecological aspect and the Swiss made. While attempting the big leap alone is extremely enriching, allying with friends can become much more fulfilling and reassuring. Franchises remain a low risk for those wishing to create their business. In the end, what is important to remember when starting a business, whether or not it is successful, is above all the assurance of an extraordinary human adventure.

Hotel Food

A restaurant that is committed to producing zero waste

The idea: Surf the eco-friendly trend and offer a response to hyperpackaging with its logistics overhead upstream and downstream of private or commercial consumption.

All the organic from the preparation goes on a farm to make compost. No ticket at checkout and payment via internet or smartphone via an application. Opportunity to offer foods that include fully edible packaging as already done in Wikibar Paris