A break from everyday life for a coffee , perhaps accompanied by a dessert or a snack. An action that thousands of people do every day, do not you find? In this guide I want to talk to you about the possibility of opening a franchise café .

Cafeteria, bars or pubs in franchising?
First, I want to narrow the field a little. In this guide I decided to explain how to open a franchise café . I will therefore speak specifically of places where mainly coffee and coffee-based drinks are served, sometimes accompanied by pastries, savory snacks or ice-creams. The formula depends on the choices of the owner or franchisor , in this case.

However, the franchising offer refers to a room mostly open during the day, focused on a general clientele. In this sense, the place we are talking about is completely different compared to a pub but also to a generic bar. However, this does not mean that the differences in the offer can be very different from one café to another. Especially in the case of the franchise , we will see later how the offer is really very diversified.

Why open a café?

The idea of ​​starting a new business by opening a franchise café is one of the most common in this form of entrepreneurship. The reason is dictated by the fact that cafes and public places generally enjoy constant success, especially when they turn to a very large potential market, such as in the case of a cafeteria. The opening of a franchise café could be an alternative to employee work for those who have already worked as a barman in the past, or a good opportunity for those who wish to pursue this career. As we will see later, no particular requirements are required, even if a bit of experience certainly does not hurt.

A cafeteria is also a possibility of employment that can involve more people. Unlike other ideas to open a franchise business in fact, it can also be undertaken by two or more members as it is almost always necessary the presence of more people in order to carry out the work at best.

The typical customer: who is a café for?

A not insignificant aspect in the evaluation phase of the best franchising opportunity is given by the potential clientele of a café. As I mentioned earlier, it is very varied. It starts for example from the person who is taking a break from work, to the group of children or friends who want to share a moment of relaxation, passing through the customers looking for a quick meal during the lunch break. Breakfasts, snacks and snacks are other moments of the day on which the activity of a café can be concentrated. Depending on the formula chosen, however, the opportunities to attract customers can be continuous throughout the opening hours. For example, think of a café with pastry or ice-cream parlor: in this case, the consumption opportunities for the customer increase significantly.

Requirements to open a café
Before discovering the ideas I have selected for you , I want to address one more point about the opening of a café: the necessary requirements. We start from training: some franchisors offer training courses and ad-hoc coaching periods. However, at least minimal experience in the sector is strongly recommended. If you’ve never done this before, you might consider a specific coffee shop course. They are frequently organized, both as regards the basics and for aspects of greater specialization, such as for example to make milk art products (coffee and cappuccino decorations using milk) or on specialty coffees (high quality coffees) ).

For the real opening of the room, the procedure that you will have to follow includes:

Locating the business premises
Opening of a VAT number
Sending the single communication for the beginning of the activity to the Revenue Agency
Please note that the venue must meet the ASL requirements for opening to the public. Sometimes the franchisor offers specific advice on this point, but if not, consult the municipality of location of the local or local health authority to know all the regulations and procedures to be followed. There are indeed some aspects that may differ depending on the place. Among the necessary requisites everywhere it is certainly worth mentioning the HACCP certificate, which is issued following the attendance of a specific course on the treatment of food to guarantee the hygienic safety of all that is administered