Why open a pizzeria
Pizza is the Italian dish par excellence. Loved by adults and children, cheap and of great taste, it is always appreciated. Pizza in our beautiful country is a true art handed down from generation to generation by excellent pizza masters. Opening a pizzeria can therefore reserve pleasant surprises and, above all, give lots of satisfactions.

How to open a pizzeria
To open a pizzeria you must necessarily follow a fairly complex bureaucratic process, which can often cause distrust and discouragement. Let’s see the main steps to follow to start a new business in the restaurant business. First of all, you have to start from a clear idea of ​​the type of activity you want to undertake: you can opt for a take-away pizzeria or for a room complete with tables and chairs for consumption on the spot.

In the first case the initial costs will be lower in terms of room rental and purchase of the necessary equipment. A take-away pizzeria requires, in fact, a room of few square meters set up with a wood-burning oven. First quality ingredients will be needed, competent and qualified staff.

To open a place equipped to consume pizza on the spot there is a need instead for large spaces to be set up with tables and chairs. In some cases it is also possible to make use of outdoor spaces, under concession of the municipality, to be used in the summer months.

In both cases, the premises must have precise structural requirements that respect the main hygienic and urban planning rules. For this reason it is necessary to obtain a health authorization issued by the local health authority and an authorization from the Municipality. To obtain municipal authorization for the production and trade of food and beverages, you must meet one of the following requirements:

Diploma of a professional course recognized by the region;
Prior two-year activity in the food and beverage sector;
Hotel school diploma or other inherent professional school.
In the case of a room including table service, an additional license is required, which is obtained by registering with the REC, which is indispensable for obtaining authorization for the administration of food and beverages.