In this guide I’ll talk about why and how to open a franchise travel agency . What requirements to open an agency and the best franchising proposals currently on the market, with direct references to travel agency franchisors. It will also help you to find out if it is better for you to open a travel agency on your own, or rely on a franchisor

What a travel agency is and how it works
A travel agency is a physical or virtual service, to which a customer can turn to buy a trip, a transport service, a stay or anything related to a holiday . This definition, even if synthetic, makes you already understand how much a travel agency can offer a complete service, which includes all the phases of a journey, from transport to stay, passing through the many activities that tourists can do during the own holiday.

An agency is therefore not just a retailer of travel packages offered by the various tour operators , but a real complete service that is able to offer products that cover all travel moments. Obviously the number and type of services depends on the choices of the agency, but this serves to make you understand how choosing to open a travel agency can be a real possibility of work for those who love to travel, in any way this term is intended.

So, do you want to learn more about everything you need to know about franchising for travel agencies ? Keep reading.

Why open a travel agency
You probably love to travel and discover always different places, and this is the main reason why you would like to turn your passion into a rewarding job . Perhaps you will be asking yourself, however, whether opening a travel agency is still a convenient option, after the advent of online purchases and the increased autonomy given by the internet to passengers.

Our answer is yes, whether you decide to open an online travel agency or prefer a physical agency. The reason for this answer is simple: not all trips are simple and can be booked independently. In fact, an agency is able to offer even the organization of the most complex trips, which for distance or duration would be difficult to organize independently by the tourist.

Also keep in mind that many people do not trust online purchases: scams, fear of making mistakes and poor knowledge of the destination are in fact among the reasons that could push a customer to contact an agency. Also keep in mind that very often the traveler does not know the rules for trips to places far from home, and may need assistance for everything related to the preparation of the trip.

Who can open a travel agency: requirements
Another doubt that might arise while you think about opening a travel agency is about the necessary requirements to undertake this activity. In principle there are no specific requirements and you will therefore have to follow the process of opening a new service activity, which provides, in short:

Opening of a VAT number
Sending the single communication for the start of the activity
Possible regional authorizations
The third point indicated in the list is not to be underestimated. Compared to the opening of other business activities, a travel agency may have additional requirements, depending on the decisions of the province or the region of location. For this reason, before starting, we advise you to search for information on the site of the region where you would like to open the agency. In some cases regions require in fact that the owner of the agency is in possession of certain requirements, which may also include a degree in the tourism sector or certificates of specific courses .

However, this problem usually does not arise for the opening of a franchise travel agency , as the franchisor often provides all the necessary bureaucratic and training aspects. So let’s see what are the best franchises for travel agencies, currently active in the Italian market.