How did you get the idea  :

The idea came when the two co-founders, Anthony Athuil and Jonathan Jami, lived together on a trip a fantastic situation. Failing to get upset, they then shared these stories with their entourage and generated. Thus was born the desire to create a mobile application, Euf! which totally takes the opposite of Instagram.

Your products and services  :

Euf! is a mobile app designed to share the hassle of everyday life with humor and lightness. The mobile users put aside the most beautiful outfits and beaches to make room for small worries. Who has not been the victim of a child in tears in front of you, of a friend in the restaurant who (unintentionally) finishes our dish, or of a vehicle that leaves (almost under his eyes) at the pound! Here is the concept of Euf! To laugh at these little disappointments that have the gift of putting each of us in a rage!

Your success factors  :

The factors of success remain an expansion of the “Eufers” community. Word of mouth, combined with a strong presence on social networks are doing the job right now, but it is necessary that the French “Eufers” grow before a development of the application in various markets.

Your differentiating and disruptive factors in relation to the existing one  :

Euf! symbolizes the famous “VDM” in pictures, with a good dose of humor:

How the application works:

– We select a video, photo or text

– Place to creativity before publication by associating a drawing, emoticon …

– We post the object of our growl

– Once shared, the contacts can then comment, tagger and “Eufer” all

– A cat remains available for private conversations and sharing

Euf! is the first French application, exclusively dedicated to content of this type

Your business model (How do you make money?)  :

To date, our ambition remains an expansion of the community of “Eufers”. Then comes the development of our business model where will be inserted sponsored posts with targeted advertising.

Your competitors  :

Direct competitors are non-existent at the moment. Euf! is a social network of a new kind.