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Best tips for Marriage agency business

In today’s guide I would like to talk to you about an often neglected business idea: the opportunity to open a marriage agency in franchising. I will explain why and how to open an agency for singles, the potential of this activity and I will conclude with some examples among most famous brands that have decided to expand their network through franchising. Read on to learn more.

What is a marriage agency today
First of all I would like to start talking to you about what is meant today when it comes to opening a marriage agency or single agency. Forget the announcements of meetings that were published in the newspapers a lot ‘of years ago but also online dating sites. A dating agency is addressed today not only to those looking for their first partner or partner for a lifetime or to widowers, but also to those who are single following the end of a previous relationship. Actually, marriage agencies today are more like meeting services that may be of interest also for those looking for new knowledge or friendships, therefore also for purposes other than marriage.

In this guide I will refer to marriage agencies with a physical office, which can then be visited in person by the client. However this does not exclude that the activity can also be supported by an online service , both as regards the specific aspects of the meetings, and for a series of additional services that sometimes flank the simple meeting activity, such as events or holidays.

Why open a marriage agency?
Maybe you’re wondering if it really makes sense to open an agency for singles right now. Perhaps your doubt stems from the fact that it is a common opinion that singles can more easily turn to the network rather than to a physical agency.

This doubt is more than justified, but only partially represents reality. In fact there are many reasons that lead a person to turn to a marriage agency not to consider online dating sites instead. In the first place, it is important for some people to meet a person live , from the first stages of knowledge.

Secondly, not all and not all trust online meetings, for fear that they can hide malicious or for fear of ending up involved in some scam. However, this does not mean that opening an online marriage agency is impossible, or even less, discouraged.

If you prefer online
Although in the previous paragraphs I have only talked about opening a franchised marriage agency , considering only live agencies, this does not mean that it is inadvisable to open an online dating agency. If your decision is about this decision, it is likely that you will have to deal with minor expenses for opening the business (you will not have to worry about finding the right place, for example). Some franchisors offer this possibility directly, while others are geared only to physical agencies. Read on to learn more.

Requirements to open a marriage agency
Now I want to tackle a question that I am often asked when I talk about how to open a new franchise business: what are the requirements to start the business? From a legislative point of view, it is not required that you have any requirements or qualifications. This means that everyone can really consider this idea for a franchise business.
Having said that, I would however like to take into consideration the specific type of service. Opening a franchised matrimonial agency requires that the person with whom the customer will be in contact has some necessary skills, among which:

listening skills

Keep in mind that those who turn to a marriage agency look for not only a dating service, but someone able to listen to their needs. The first impact with the agency is therefore fundamental. Some franchisors also offer specific courses, which teach, for example, how to deal with customer relationships or engage potential customers. The type of courses and their presence, however, depends on the chosen franchisor; we suggest you also evaluate this aspect when choosing the best franchise for your business.

How to start small cafeteria business?

A break from everyday life for a coffee , perhaps accompanied by a dessert or a snack. An action that thousands of people do every day, do not you find? In this guide I want to talk to you about the possibility of opening a franchise café .

Cafeteria, bars or pubs in franchising?
First, I want to narrow the field a little. In this guide I decided to explain how to open a franchise café . I will therefore speak specifically of places where mainly coffee and coffee-based drinks are served, sometimes accompanied by pastries, savory snacks or ice-creams. The formula depends on the choices of the owner or franchisor , in this case.

However, the franchising offer refers to a room mostly open during the day, focused on a general clientele. In this sense, the place we are talking about is completely different compared to a pub but also to a generic bar. However, this does not mean that the differences in the offer can be very different from one café to another. Especially in the case of the franchise , we will see later how the offer is really very diversified.

Why open a café?

The idea of ​​starting a new business by opening a franchise café is one of the most common in this form of entrepreneurship. The reason is dictated by the fact that cafes and public places generally enjoy constant success, especially when they turn to a very large potential market, such as in the case of a cafeteria. The opening of a franchise café could be an alternative to employee work for those who have already worked as a barman in the past, or a good opportunity for those who wish to pursue this career. As we will see later, no particular requirements are required, even if a bit of experience certainly does not hurt.

A cafeteria is also a possibility of employment that can involve more people. Unlike other ideas to open a franchise business in fact, it can also be undertaken by two or more members as it is almost always necessary the presence of more people in order to carry out the work at best.

The typical customer: who is a café for?

A not insignificant aspect in the evaluation phase of the best franchising opportunity is given by the potential clientele of a café. As I mentioned earlier, it is very varied. It starts for example from the person who is taking a break from work, to the group of children or friends who want to share a moment of relaxation, passing through the customers looking for a quick meal during the lunch break. Breakfasts, snacks and snacks are other moments of the day on which the activity of a café can be concentrated. Depending on the formula chosen, however, the opportunities to attract customers can be continuous throughout the opening hours. For example, think of a café with pastry or ice-cream parlor: in this case, the consumption opportunities for the customer increase significantly.

Requirements to open a café
Before discovering the ideas I have selected for you , I want to address one more point about the opening of a café: the necessary requirements. We start from training: some franchisors offer training courses and ad-hoc coaching periods. However, at least minimal experience in the sector is strongly recommended. If you’ve never done this before, you might consider a specific coffee shop course. They are frequently organized, both as regards the basics and for aspects of greater specialization, such as for example to make milk art products (coffee and cappuccino decorations using milk) or on specialty coffees (high quality coffees) ).

For the real opening of the room, the procedure that you will have to follow includes:

Locating the business premises
Opening of a VAT number
Sending the single communication for the beginning of the activity to the Revenue Agency
Please note that the venue must meet the ASL requirements for opening to the public. Sometimes the franchisor offers specific advice on this point, but if not, consult the municipality of location of the local or local health authority to know all the regulations and procedures to be followed. There are indeed some aspects that may differ depending on the place. Among the necessary requisites everywhere it is certainly worth mentioning the HACCP certificate, which is issued following the attendance of a specific course on the treatment of food to guarantee the hygienic safety of all that is administered

Open a franchise pharmacy, how to do and list best franchisors

Health, wellness or wellness are three words that you will hear every day and that you probably love. Why not do a job? In this guide I’ll explain why (and especially how), open a franchised pharmacy . Discover the requirements, advice for choosing the place for your new business and the best franchises. For each franchise you will find the initial investment required and other requests to know before opening.

Parapharmacy and pharmacy: which differences?
Before explaining how to open a franchise pharmacy I would like to take stock of what is meant by parapharmacy and what the law provides for this particular type of outlets. First of all the parapharmacy can be interpreted as a “quasi-pharmacy”. The substantial difference between the two types consists in the fact that the parapharmacy is not authorized to sell and prepare drugs subject to sale only by prescription.

In other words, the parapharmacy is therefore authorized to sell only drugs that do not require a prescription and over-the-counter medications. However, the drugstore can sell products for wellness and beauty , such as cosmetics, products for children, or even food intended for particular groups of the population, such as those for celiacs, diabetics or low-calorie foods. The parapharmacies are also authorized for the sale of most veterinary medicines.

The presence of parapharmacies is possible in Italy following the so-called “liberalization decree” of 2006, which allowed for the expansion of commercial possibilities for many products, including pharmaceuticals. As we will see later, the sale of drugs, even if over the counter, can not however be carried out by anyone.

Why open a parapharmacy?
As you have been able to understand in the previous paragraphs, the merchandise for sale in parapharmacies is not limited only to over-the-counter drugs, but includes a large portion of products dedicated to wellness and beauty . This sector is a good opportunity for those who want to open a new business, as it is aimed at a very large segment of the population, and for this reason the chances of success are quite high.

Another aspect in favor of the opening of a franchised pharmacy comes from the preference of some people for treatments and remedies other than those of western medicine, which can be marketed in parapharmacies, such as herbal or homeopathic products. The possibility of extending the sale to accessories for health and to host spaces within the parapharmacy rooms for analysis, self-analysis and consultations, are other aspects that can make you understand how the possibilities of attracting customers are really high for this type of activity.

Open a pharmacy: not just for graduates
At this point I guess you’re wondering if you need a degree to open a drugstore. You may be surprised, but the answer is no. In fact, starting from the aforementioned decree on liberalization , anyone can open a parapharmacy. However, if you do not have a degree in pharmacy, you will need to rely on a pharmacist to sell drugs. This means that the owner may not be in possession of the degree, but in this case will have to consider the need to collaborate permanently with one or more pharmacists registered regularly in the register.

However, the presence of a pharmacist is not the only requirement for opening a pharmacy . In the following paragraph I will explain the others.

Open a franchise building and services business

Home sweet home, of course. But also home, dear home. How many services does your home need to be kept at its best? Many, indeed very many. And it needs so many services already starting from the planning or restructuring phase . This explains why I decided to talk to you about how to open a home improvement business and services.

Construction and services for the home: what are we talking about?
But what do I mean when I talk about construction and services for the home? This sector includes a series of services that are also very different from each other, whose common denominator is the object on which to intervene: the house or the buildings in general.

Home services include those relating to the construction of the house itself or its renovation, such as acrobatic construction and energy-saving design . With reference to the buildings already built, the services for the home may concern its redevelopment, ordinary maintenance or extraordinary work or even disinfestation. As you can see the areas of services for the home are really very large and affect virtually all homes. That’s why working in this sector could be a good business idea. However, people are not always willing (or have the opportunity) to design an activity of this kind to zero. That’s why for those who want to work independently in one of these sectors thefranchise could be an answer.

Why open a service and construction agency

As I have already mentioned in the previous paragraph, the first reason that could push you to evaluate a building activity and services for the franchise house is the broad panorama that this definition includes. In other words: the services that a house or a building in general may need are many and many can be the professional figures to which sooner or later it will be necessary to address.

The choice to open a franchise business for this sector could be advantageous especially for those who have skills in the sector, but do not want to create a new business from scratch, especially in a sector that could prove complex. In this sense, the franchise represents the point of balance between the willingness to work on their own and to avoid the risks associated with a new business project .

In the following section you will find out what the requirements are to open a franchise business for building and home services. Keep reading.

Who can open a building activity: professional requirements and profiles
At least from a theoretical point of view, anyone could open a home or franchising service agency. However, this is a very particular sector; this is why opening is usually recommended for those who already have experience in the sector, like a former employee, who would like to start their own business and therefore be able to manage their working time autonomously. This type of franchise business could also be an idea for a young construction or energy professional .

Depending on the franchise chosen, it is possible that the franchisor provides specific courses for the exercise of the activity. However, keep in mind that for some aspects, such as building construction or energy certification, you may need to avail yourself of the collaboration or advice of professionals qualified for specific jobs.

As regards the permissions for the franchise business, normally you will need:

Open a VAT number
Sending the single communication for the commencement of the activity to the municipality of residence, if it decides to equip you with an office or a space open to the public with direct sales (it is not necessary if the space is a simple office)
Possible specific authorizations for the sector of activity
In the second point of the list I cited a physical space, that is an office open to the public. This space may not be necessary, but it depends a lot on the type of service you want to offer. Also keep in mind that a home building and service business may need a warehouse to store the materials, tools and vehicles needed for the job.

Business idea: Custom Texting Mobile App

The idea:

The idea is to create an application -Android / iPhone / Windows phone for sending personalized SMS: people are generally more sensitive to a texting (to paraphrase mailing) in which their name and / or first name is quoted in recipient.


When sending an SMS to several recipients at once, the names of the recipients are not indicated because not all recipients have the same name.

Why this idea might work (why this startup succeeds):

Due to the success of personalized mailing applications on PC, it is easy to predict that the idea could appeal to both professionals who have a low budget and who can not create an application dedicated to custom texting that individuals eager to texting when it comes to wishing new year wishes for example.


There are certainly several SMS sending applications on the three main stores, but I have not seen one that does custom texting. The idea is to stand out from the competitors by proposing custom texting and other services that still need to be imagined (more user-friendly interface, more customizable, etc.)

Your business model (How do you make money?):

  • A free version of the application would be remunerated by the number of clicks by the host (ie: Apple, Google, Microsoft)
  • A paid version incorporating more features and without advertising would be marketed at a democratic price.

Target Region / Country:

Any country where mobile phone applications are used.

Who are your competitors:

Several SMS sending applications exist, but I do not know of any that make SMS customization.

What can our readers do (investors, early-adopters, curious …) for you? :

  • Say if the idea of ​​custom texting seduces them
  • Partner with me if they think they can accompany me one way or another in setting up this idea

Clicdeal, the collaborative business-to-business platform

How did you get the idea :

The idea is that the collaboration between individuals is well established in everyday life, however, there is little or nothing between the companies despite many problems of flexibility and search for reliable partners.

Your products and services :

The idea is to offer VSEs / SMEs a collaborative platform like TripAdvisor that offers them visibility as well as the opportunity to rate and issue opinions between partners.Other being able to take appointments and submit quotes directly through the site, Clicdeal would also provide a space for business-to-business exchange of goods and services through the network companies which would preserve its cash and to use these poorly or underutilized assets. Well understood will be present basic information such as contact details, geographical location or financial data to gauge the good health of businesses.

Your success factors :

In 2016 companies have a clear need for flexibility, visibility and reliability in the choice of their partners. Clicdeal offers all solutions to these problems by enabling small and medium-sized organizations that do not have the means or the opportunity to offer the services of communication / marketing companies to be part of an important network or their professionalism. and their know-how would be put forward. In addition, the “mass” effect is a powerful growth vector.

Your differentiating and disruptive factors in relation to the existing one :

Clicdeal puts forward a complete and innovative platform meeting a growing need of companies. Before trying a service or property offered by a company do not we prefer to rely on the opinions of its partners before?

Your business model (How do you make money?) :

The business model is based on freemium with a free part including the use and provision of space note and comment (write and consult) and a paid mode with added value defined by B2B. Collaboration with other startups and SMEs benefiting from the clicdeal network is highly conceivable.

Website offering a notebook of good addresses

How did you get the idea  :

I arrived in Paris in 2014 for my studies and I began to discover the city. Shopping in Paris is something special: there are many independent shops in which we like to introduce ourselves and discover a whole universe.

Unfortunately, small traders are disappearing more and more, with large franchises dominating the market. I found this finding unfortunate and wanted to find a way to support originality and creation.

I thought of a way to access private sales in these popular but still unknown shops.

Mid-December 2015 I share the project idea to Nidal Nagib and Abdelfatah Aissi – comrades of promotion to the Mines of Douai and they decide to join me to concretize the project.

Your products and services  :

We want to develop a website offering a notebook of good addresses (independent shops) and offer for sale a card allowing access to private sales of all partner stores referenced on our site.

Your success factors  :

The communication about our offer will be a big determining factor for our success, both in the design and in the marketing discourse. Our promotional design will have to be adapted to our target customer and the speech will have to insist on the customer experience which is not proposed by our competitors. Our communication should also be very strong with merchants to solicit the maximum of partners and to negotiate a significant percentage of reduction.
The customer will expect to have access to a wide and varied choice and at the same time very carefully selected; this second point is therefore a success factor that is not neglected.

Your differentiating and disruptive factors in relation to the existing one  :

Our main strength lies in the fact that we are a notebook of good addresses. We do not only sell access to private sales, we also provide store addresses in the air.

Unlike priced online sales, we highlight the fact that consumers can access products directly in the store. This makes it possible to try the articles and to have access to the advice of competent salesmen.

In addition, we assist small retail partners in their development against large chain stores (Zara, H & M, Promod, Lemage, etc …) by helping them build their customer database and improving their visibility.

Your business model (How do you make money?)  :

Our solution is to create a website offering a book of good addresses (independent shops) offering for sale a card allowing access to private sales of all partner stores referenced on our site. We would offer all our partners free software to manage their database (BDD) customers. This will allow us to collect information about customers. Eventually, we will offer them a Pro and Premium version of our software to customize their BDD and exploit this customer information.

The social book network

The idea:

The idea is to create an application that would make a list of books already read, give opinions on these books, access new releases, best sellers, access the reviews of users on a book … a bit like a store but on an app

How did you get the idea :

When trying to find an application to get this kind of service.

Your success factors :

There is no application of this type, especially on books. Others were created on series, movies … I think the application can reach a lot of people

Your business model (How do you make money?) :

Through advertising predominantly

What can our readers do?

I am ideally looking for a mobile application developer (junior or experienced), either freelance or partner. I have several ideas to develop, I would ideally like to collaborate with someone I trust. I also want to learn, not just “get it done.”

For all readers, I would like your opinion, to know if this concept seems to you well, and if you would use it to you?

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

Euf: mobile app designed to share the hassle of everyday life

How did you get the idea  :

The idea came when the two co-founders, Anthony Athuil and Jonathan Jami, lived together on a trip a fantastic situation. Failing to get upset, they then shared these stories with their entourage and generated. Thus was born the desire to create a mobile application, Euf! which totally takes the opposite of Instagram.

Your products and services  :

Euf! is a mobile app designed to share the hassle of everyday life with humor and lightness. The mobile users put aside the most beautiful outfits and beaches to make room for small worries. Who has not been the victim of a child in tears in front of you, of a friend in the restaurant who (unintentionally) finishes our dish, or of a vehicle that leaves (almost under his eyes) at the pound! Here is the concept of Euf! To laugh at these little disappointments that have the gift of putting each of us in a rage!

Your success factors  :

The factors of success remain an expansion of the “Eufers” community. Word of mouth, combined with a strong presence on social networks are doing the job right now, but it is necessary that the French “Eufers” grow before a development of the application in various markets.

Your differentiating and disruptive factors in relation to the existing one  :

Euf! symbolizes the famous “VDM” in pictures, with a good dose of humor:

How the application works:

– We select a video, photo or text

– Place to creativity before publication by associating a drawing, emoticon …

– We post the object of our growl

– Once shared, the contacts can then comment, tagger and “Eufer” all

– A cat remains available for private conversations and sharing

Euf! is the first French application, exclusively dedicated to content of this type

Your business model (How do you make money?)  :

To date, our ambition remains an expansion of the community of “Eufers”. Then comes the development of our business model where will be inserted sponsored posts with targeted advertising.

Your competitors  :

Direct competitors are non-existent at the moment. Euf! is a social network of a new kind.

Starting a new business in NYC? Here is a checklist of things you need to consider

Business in New York:

Starting a new business in NYC is one the dreams that every American live every year, but end up badly because of big debts. New York-The city that never sleeps is consider in one of the extremely active economies in the United States which makes the New York City- an ideal state for starting a new business. However, sometimes the things are not as they seem, NYC could be a great and lucrative opportunity for starting your business but at the same time could be challenging too.

The things like obtaining work permits, get commercial space, finding a compatible and a supportive team, affordable insurance, and other tasks could make the whole process of starting your business-a troublesome, especially if you lack useful information. But the one business that never ditches you in NYC is tax service. “Tax service near me” is one of the main searches that people do at least once in a day. But this business also has some restrictions and terms to follow.

Getting your business started in New York? But How? What things do you need to ponder for starting a new business in New York? A checklist?

These are some of the questions that never allows you to sleep in peace, especially if you want to achieve your business dream. However, don’t worry, we have piled up a checklist of the essential things that you may need to consider when it comes to starting your business in NYC.

A checklist that you may need to consider:

  1. Self-assessment:

The foremost step before starting your business is assessing yourself. Your weaknesses and strengths can work for you during the whole process of starting your own business. You are aimed for your specific business work, you know the latest trends and understand what people need, but to sating those needs, you may require to identify your weaknesses that could prove as a hurdle in delivering those needs. So, first improve that weakness to step ahead.

  1. Wise selection of business model:

The choice of wise business model is crucial from the beginning to bang up in your business niche. Unlike other states, NYC is not easy going when it comes to starting your own business. So, it is necessary to keep yourself according to the latest trends and deliver the best you can. Here are abundant of small business ideas for NYC, to explore and choose a suitable one.

  1. Create a foolproof business plan:

Without a roadmap, it is impossible to get success, same implies for your business. It is crucial to develop a definite business plan to accomplish business actions in a most lucrative way.

The best strategy is to start with a one-page business plan and then go gradually. However, it is necessary for your project to contain perfect and attainable goals, proper financial strategy.

The things you may need to focus on:

  • A perfect fundraising models
  • Actionable advertising plan
  • A suitable approach for fast progress
  • Emergency funding plan


  1. Identify business structure:

It is essential to identify your business structure whether it is a sole proprietorship, LLC, no-profit, etc. It will tell you about the next steps you may require to take. Along with that, you may need to sort out terms of a lease, contracts with vendors and financing organizations.

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