The idea:

The idea is to create an application -Android / iPhone / Windows phone for sending personalized SMS: people are generally more sensitive to a texting (to paraphrase mailing) in which their name and / or first name is quoted in recipient.


When sending an SMS to several recipients at once, the names of the recipients are not indicated because not all recipients have the same name.

Why this idea might work (why this startup succeeds):

Due to the success of personalized mailing applications on PC, it is easy to predict that the idea could appeal to both professionals who have a low budget and who can not create an application dedicated to custom texting that individuals eager to texting when it comes to wishing new year wishes for example.


There are certainly several SMS sending applications on the three main stores, but I have not seen one that does custom texting. The idea is to stand out from the competitors by proposing custom texting and other services that still need to be imagined (more user-friendly interface, more customizable, etc.)

Your business model (How do you make money?):

  • A free version of the application would be remunerated by the number of clicks by the host (ie: Apple, Google, Microsoft)
  • A paid version incorporating more features and without advertising would be marketed at a democratic price.

Target Region / Country:

Any country where mobile phone applications are used.

Who are your competitors:

Several SMS sending applications exist, but I do not know of any that make SMS customization.

What can our readers do (investors, early-adopters, curious …) for you? :

  • Say if the idea of ​​custom texting seduces them
  • Partner with me if they think they can accompany me one way or another in setting up this idea