In today’s guide I would like to talk to you about an often neglected business idea: the opportunity to open a marriage agency in franchising. I will explain why and how to open an agency for singles, the potential of this activity and I will conclude with some examples among most famous brands that have decided to expand their network through franchising. Read on to learn more.

What is a marriage agency today
First of all I would like to start talking to you about what is meant today when it comes to opening a marriage agency or single agency. Forget the announcements of meetings that were published in the newspapers a lot ‘of years ago but also online dating sites. A dating agency is addressed today not only to those looking for their first partner or partner for a lifetime or to widowers, but also to those who are single following the end of a previous relationship. Actually, marriage agencies today are more like meeting services that may be of interest also for those looking for new knowledge or friendships, therefore also for purposes other than marriage.

In this guide I will refer to marriage agencies with a physical office, which can then be visited in person by the client. However this does not exclude that the activity can also be supported by an online service , both as regards the specific aspects of the meetings, and for a series of additional services that sometimes flank the simple meeting activity, such as events or holidays.

Why open a marriage agency?
Maybe you’re wondering if it really makes sense to open an agency for singles right now. Perhaps your doubt stems from the fact that it is a common opinion that singles can more easily turn to the network rather than to a physical agency.

This doubt is more than justified, but only partially represents reality. In fact there are many reasons that lead a person to turn to a marriage agency not to consider online dating sites instead. In the first place, it is important for some people to meet a person live , from the first stages of knowledge.

Secondly, not all and not all trust online meetings, for fear that they can hide malicious or for fear of ending up involved in some scam. However, this does not mean that opening an online marriage agency is impossible, or even less, discouraged.

If you prefer online
Although in the previous paragraphs I have only talked about opening a franchised marriage agency , considering only live agencies, this does not mean that it is inadvisable to open an online dating agency. If your decision is about this decision, it is likely that you will have to deal with minor expenses for opening the business (you will not have to worry about finding the right place, for example). Some franchisors offer this possibility directly, while others are geared only to physical agencies. Read on to learn more.

Requirements to open a marriage agency
Now I want to tackle a question that I am often asked when I talk about how to open a new franchise business: what are the requirements to start the business? From a legislative point of view, it is not required that you have any requirements or qualifications. This means that everyone can really consider this idea for a franchise business.
Having said that, I would however like to take into consideration the specific type of service. Opening a franchised matrimonial agency requires that the person with whom the customer will be in contact has some necessary skills, among which:

listening skills

Keep in mind that those who turn to a marriage agency look for not only a dating service, but someone able to listen to their needs. The first impact with the agency is therefore fundamental. Some franchisors also offer specific courses, which teach, for example, how to deal with customer relationships or engage potential customers. The type of courses and their presence, however, depends on the chosen franchisor; we suggest you also evaluate this aspect when choosing the best franchise for your business.