Starting a new business in NYC? Here is a checklist of things you need to consider

Business in New York:

Starting a new business in NYC is one the dreams that every American live every year, but end up badly because of big debts. New York-The city that never sleeps is consider in one of the extremely active economies in the United States which makes the New York City- an ideal state for starting a new business. However, sometimes the things are not as they seem, NYC could be a great and lucrative opportunity for starting your business but at the same time could be challenging too.

The things like obtaining work permits, get commercial space, finding a compatible and a supportive team, affordable insurance, and other tasks could make the whole process of starting your business-a troublesome, especially if you lack useful information. But the one business that never ditches you in NYC is tax service. “Tax service near me” is one of the main searches that people do at least once in a day. But this business also has some restrictions and terms to follow.

Getting your business started in New York? But How? What things do you need to ponder for starting a new business in New York? A checklist?

These are some of the questions that never allows you to sleep in peace, especially if you want to achieve your business dream. However, don’t worry, we have piled up a checklist of the essential things that you may need to consider when it comes to starting your business in NYC.

A checklist that you may need to consider:

  1. Self-assessment:

The foremost step before starting your business is assessing yourself. Your weaknesses and strengths can work for you during the whole process of starting your own business. You are aimed for your specific business work, you know the latest trends and understand what people need, but to sating those needs, you may require to identify your weaknesses that could prove as a hurdle in delivering those needs. So, first improve that weakness to step ahead.

  1. Wise selection of business model:

The choice of wise business model is crucial from the beginning to bang up in your business niche. Unlike other states, NYC is not easy going when it comes to starting your own business. So, it is necessary to keep yourself according to the latest trends and deliver the best you can. Here are abundant of small business ideas for NYC, to explore and choose a suitable one.

  1. Create a foolproof business plan:

Without a roadmap, it is impossible to get success, same implies for your business. It is crucial to develop a definite business plan to accomplish business actions in a most lucrative way.

The best strategy is to start with a one-page business plan and then go gradually. However, it is necessary for your project to contain perfect and attainable goals, proper financial strategy.

The things you may need to focus on:

  • A perfect fundraising models
  • Actionable advertising plan
  • A suitable approach for fast progress
  • Emergency funding plan


  1. Identify business structure:

It is essential to identify your business structure whether it is a sole proprietorship, LLC, no-profit, etc. It will tell you about the next steps you may require to take. Along with that, you may need to sort out terms of a lease, contracts with vendors and financing organizations.

Open a cleaning company? It should. Costs, requirements and bureaucracy

How to open a cleaning company
Cleaning is one of the oldest trades in the world , with a decidedly timeless character. This is a labor as difficult as it is indispensable and for this reason opening a cleaning company can really be an investment with excellent potential for success. This is why we believe that opening a cleaning company is worthwhile and can be an excellent business. For this reason, doing the “cleaning” is an increasingly important and much requested job, especially in big cities where cleaning companies are never enough. So why not make it a successful business by opening a cleaning company?

The opening of a cleaning company , besides enjoying excellent earnings prospects and very few bankruptcy chances, is also a relatively cheap investment . Suffice it to say that to start a cleaning company the initial costs are around five or six thousand euros. To open a cleaning company you need to keep in mind the goals you want to achieve. Depending on the type of activity, in fact, the type of tools to be used and the cost of the initial investment vary.

You can decide to open a small cleaning company, where even the owner himself performs the required tasks, to keep management costs as low as possible. If, instead, you want to aim at higher aspirations, the sum to invest will increase hand in hand with the increase in the services offered by the company and the tools to be purchased. In fact, there are companies that simply offer a basic service, using few indispensable tools. Others, on the other hand, offer specific services such as rodent control, sanitation, disinfection and disinfestation, more complicated operations that require the use of technological and specific tools which, therefore, involve greater investments.

Opening a cleaning company that also offers sanitation services can be a smart choice, given that most companies already on the market only carry out standard cleaning services. This certainly involves more initial investment, but also guarantees greater long-term gains.

The key to keeping your business successful is to create a good clientele. The most incisive advertising in this case is definitely the “word of mouth”. Offering a good service and leaving your customers increasingly satisfied with a competitive price-quality ratio will ensure that in a short time the new business will acquire an increasingly large market share and be able to create its own set of regular customers.

Bureaucracy and requirements to open a cleaning company
Opening a cleaning company implies a specific bureaucratic process and specific technical-professional skills. To start this type of activity, in fact, it is first necessary to open a VAT number and enroll in the Register of Craftsmen or in the Business Register of the Chamber of Commerce. Other fundamental requirements are registration with INPS and INAIL, the absence of criminal convictions or criminal proceedings in progress.

If the company proposes to carry out only basic cleaning tasks, the opening of the business will not require further requirements. If, on the other hand, the company has to carry out deratting, pest control, sanitization, disinfection, etc. services, a technical manager will also be required.

How to open a pizzeria, costs and funding opportunities

Why open a pizzeria
Pizza is the Italian dish par excellence. Loved by adults and children, cheap and of great taste, it is always appreciated. Pizza in our beautiful country is a true art handed down from generation to generation by excellent pizza masters. Opening a pizzeria can therefore reserve pleasant surprises and, above all, give lots of satisfactions.

How to open a pizzeria
To open a pizzeria you must necessarily follow a fairly complex bureaucratic process, which can often cause distrust and discouragement. Let’s see the main steps to follow to start a new business in the restaurant business. First of all, you have to start from a clear idea of ​​the type of activity you want to undertake: you can opt for a take-away pizzeria or for a room complete with tables and chairs for consumption on the spot.

In the first case the initial costs will be lower in terms of room rental and purchase of the necessary equipment. A take-away pizzeria requires, in fact, a room of few square meters set up with a wood-burning oven. First quality ingredients will be needed, competent and qualified staff.

To open a place equipped to consume pizza on the spot there is a need instead for large spaces to be set up with tables and chairs. In some cases it is also possible to make use of outdoor spaces, under concession of the municipality, to be used in the summer months.

In both cases, the premises must have precise structural requirements that respect the main hygienic and urban planning rules. For this reason it is necessary to obtain a health authorization issued by the local health authority and an authorization from the Municipality. To obtain municipal authorization for the production and trade of food and beverages, you must meet one of the following requirements:

Diploma of a professional course recognized by the region;
Prior two-year activity in the food and beverage sector;
Hotel school diploma or other inherent professional school.
In the case of a room including table service, an additional license is required, which is obtained by registering with the REC, which is indispensable for obtaining authorization for the administration of food and beverages.

Start a small business: what is really needed

When you plan to start a business , you really want to do and you can’t wait to leave. But beware: initial enthusiasm can give way to disillusionment and haste can lead to more or less serious mistakes. Before launching into the business, take all the time you need to make the necessary assessments: the idea that comes to your mind could turn out to be unattainable or unoriginal. And the costs you had budgeted far from those that you will have to support instead.

Do not despair: it happens to anyone with little experience in the entrepreneurial field. For this reason, if you are planning to give shape to your project, you need to surround yourself with the right people, keep the audacity at bay and proceed calmly and reasonably. By committing to understanding what you really need and what you can, instead, give up.

What is needed and what is not needed to start a small business
Let’s start by saying that everything depends on the type of project you want to carry out. If you think big and want to start a business that aspires to conquer an important slice of the market, you will have to – almost certainly – join forces with someone else’s. And equip yourself with everything you need to tackle such an onerous and demanding business (saving money cannot be your priority in these cases). If, on the other hand, you are thinking of giving substance to something smaller, you can surely do without a couple of things:

an office. Your small business could start from home , allowing you to cut costs on rent and space set-up. Everything obviously depends on what you want to do: if you need a simple workstation and an internet connection, your home will be just fine. At least to start.

employees . Your idea could be big, but simple to manage and implement. If you think you can make it on your own, don’t delay. It is not a question of being presumptuous or suspicious, but of trying to better manage your starting budget (especially if it is limited). If you realize you have deficiencies in some areas, you can turn to temporary collaborators, but avoid recruiting resources that you can’t afford.
And what do you need instead? What do you need to start a small business?

a current account. Opening a current account is a real necessity. Without it, it will be impossible to manage the receipts and payments that you will have to prepare to keep the company going. The advice is to open a specifically corporate one and to distinguish it from your personal current account;

a business plan. No matter how small your project is, before launching into the business, you will have to define a business plan in which to detail the legal form you have chosen (there are many: from the sole proprietorship to the limited liability company up to the limited partnership , just to name a few), the purpose of your business, what you intend to do and how you plan to do it. Transferring one’s intentions to paper and describing the methodologies with which one hopes to carry out one’s project is an essential step;

authorizations and licenses. Watch out for bureaucracy: when the idea of ​​starting your small business has definitely taken shape, find out what you need to have to open your doors. What authorizations or licenses do you need? What are the times to get them? Starting a business is not a trivial matter (even if you choose to manage it from home): get yourself on all fronts and don’t take unnecessary risks.
expert advice. It is something that, those who tend to save the most, do not take into due consideration, but that can make the difference.

When you “take off” with an activity, you never know where you can go. And very often, you don’t have all the information you need to start off on the right foot. For this reason, it is important to ask for help from consultants and experts who will show you the way to follow in the fiscal and legal field (you can perhaps do without an accountant, but hardly an accountant). Not to mention those who have already passed: confronting those who, before you, have experienced the hard work of giving life to their entrepreneurial design can be salvific. The right advice and warnings can make you sail with full sail.

Start a small business

First of all it is important to clarify your ideas and to understand what kind of small business you intend to open. Will it be possible to work exclusively online or would it be better to also have a physical store? Will there be employees? What name will be chosen for the small business? If you find it difficult to answer these questions, you may find it helpful to use methods, such as brainstorming , that help you to reflect more clearly on similar questions.

Once you have completed these preliminary steps, you will need to choose the appropriate legal form for your business. Typically, for a small business, options include:

a sole proprietorship, in case you manage the company yourself;
a general partnership if you use a partner;
a limited partnership , if there are several shareholders with their own assets and others with limited responsibilities, who share profits and losses;
a limited liability company , where the liability of the partners is limited to the share of capital invested by each of them.

Finally, its legal form and the realization of its own project must be collected in the business plan, a very useful document that also serves to obtain financing and to encourage potential interested parties to invest in your project.

Bureaucratic steps
For anyone who wants to start their own business it is essential to open the VAT number , then you will also have to open the INPS and INAIL positions . You must also present a declaration of commencement of activity to the Municipality or the Chamber of Commerce present on your territory and, within 30 days from the start of the activity, you must register with the Business Register . To complete all the steps it will be enough to fill in the Unica Corporate Communication .

How to open a franchise travel agency?

In this guide I’ll talk about why and how to open a franchise travel agency . What requirements to open an agency and the best franchising proposals currently on the market, with direct references to travel agency franchisors. It will also help you to find out if it is better for you to open a travel agency on your own, or rely on a franchisor

What a travel agency is and how it works
A travel agency is a physical or virtual service, to which a customer can turn to buy a trip, a transport service, a stay or anything related to a holiday . This definition, even if synthetic, makes you already understand how much a travel agency can offer a complete service, which includes all the phases of a journey, from transport to stay, passing through the many activities that tourists can do during the own holiday.

An agency is therefore not just a retailer of travel packages offered by the various tour operators , but a real complete service that is able to offer products that cover all travel moments. Obviously the number and type of services depends on the choices of the agency, but this serves to make you understand how choosing to open a travel agency can be a real possibility of work for those who love to travel, in any way this term is intended.

So, do you want to learn more about everything you need to know about franchising for travel agencies ? Keep reading.

Why open a travel agency
You probably love to travel and discover always different places, and this is the main reason why you would like to turn your passion into a rewarding job . Perhaps you will be asking yourself, however, whether opening a travel agency is still a convenient option, after the advent of online purchases and the increased autonomy given by the internet to passengers.

Our answer is yes, whether you decide to open an online travel agency or prefer a physical agency. The reason for this answer is simple: not all trips are simple and can be booked independently. In fact, an agency is able to offer even the organization of the most complex trips, which for distance or duration would be difficult to organize independently by the tourist.

Also keep in mind that many people do not trust online purchases: scams, fear of making mistakes and poor knowledge of the destination are in fact among the reasons that could push a customer to contact an agency. Also keep in mind that very often the traveler does not know the rules for trips to places far from home, and may need assistance for everything related to the preparation of the trip.

Who can open a travel agency: requirements
Another doubt that might arise while you think about opening a travel agency is about the necessary requirements to undertake this activity. In principle there are no specific requirements and you will therefore have to follow the process of opening a new service activity, which provides, in short:

Opening of a VAT number
Sending the single communication for the start of the activity
Possible regional authorizations
The third point indicated in the list is not to be underestimated. Compared to the opening of other business activities, a travel agency may have additional requirements, depending on the decisions of the province or the region of location. For this reason, before starting, we advise you to search for information on the site of the region where you would like to open the agency. In some cases regions require in fact that the owner of the agency is in possession of certain requirements, which may also include a degree in the tourism sector or certificates of specific courses .

However, this problem usually does not arise for the opening of a franchise travel agency , as the franchisor often provides all the necessary bureaucratic and training aspects. So let’s see what are the best franchises for travel agencies, currently active in the Italian market.

Open a franchised brewery

Have you ever thought about opening a place all of your own, where to offer good beer and maybe live music? If you answered yes, this guide is for you. In the following lines I will talk about how to open a franchised brewery , starting from why it is a good idea, passing by the requirements you should have, the permissions and some franchise proposals for pubs, which also include the budget that you will need to calculate in order to start a new business.

What is a brewery: not a simple bar

If you are reading this article it is likely that you already know what is meant by pub or pub and maybe you have already read our content on how to open a brewery . This type of room, very widespread abroad, is in fact present also in Italy for many years, albeit in smaller numbers compared to other types of exercises, such as cafeterias or in generic bars. What I would like to invite you to reflect on, however, is the specificity of pubs and breweries, which usually have a mainly nightly work schedule. Keep this in mind, especially if you have little experience managing a place and if you do not know whether working mainly in the evening is an activity that you might like or not.

Another peculiarity of breweries and pubs is the presence of a typical cuisine , linked to dishes that go well with beer, such as full-bodied meat dishes. However, the presence of a typical pub kitchen is not essential to the success of a brewery, and depends a lot on the setting that the owner decides to give to his pub. As I will explain later, however, some proposals of breweries in franchising provide this combination, sometimes only with main course. But why opening a franchised brewery might be a good idea? I’ll talk about it in the paragraph that follows.

Why open a franchised brewery
Is opening a franchised pub a good idea? It could be, and I’ll explain to you some reasons you should consider if you plan to undertake this activity.

Frequent pubs and breweries is a well established habit even in our country, and the number of people who decide to spend their evenings in pubs or clubs is high. In addition, customers of this type of premises involve many age groups, who can go to the pubs for different reasons. Beer is certainly one of the reasons that pushes people to cross the threshold of a local, but also food or entertainment are not far behind.

In fact, a brewery is often also a meeting point for those who want to attend sporting events in the company of other people, to listen to live music or to meet up with the group in an informal and less demanding environment than a restaurant.

Another aspect to consider is the attention that Italian consumers are dedicating more and more to the beer sector: this is a demonstration of the expansion of the consumption of craft beer and the birth of small and micro breweries almost everywhere in the peninsula. When choosing your local franchise, do not forget to consider these aspects too, especially if you want beer to be a strong attraction. However, do not overlook even the aspect of catering. In the next lines I will explain the reason.

Beer and food: a sparkling pair
Pizza and beer or steak and beer. Two classic couplings that find ample space also in the offer of pubs and breweries. Many franchised breweries are based precisely on the combination of a particular food and beer and therefore set their own market choice in this direction. As a result, the kitchen takes on an important aspect for the restaurant, which then becomes a sort of hybrid between a classic concept pub and a catering model dedicated to a large share of customers. In the examples of brands offering franchising affiliations, you will also find this type of place. The choice of the best type, however, depends on your preferences: if you are a lover of beer and would like to enhance especially this aspect, I suggest you orient yourself on an offer more related to the classic concept of pub. The choice is yours.

Best tips for Marriage agency business

In today’s guide I would like to talk to you about an often neglected business idea: the opportunity to open a marriage agency in franchising. I will explain why and how to open an agency for singles, the potential of this activity and I will conclude with some examples among most famous brands that have decided to expand their network through franchising. Read on to learn more.

What is a marriage agency today
First of all I would like to start talking to you about what is meant today when it comes to opening a marriage agency or single agency. Forget the announcements of meetings that were published in the newspapers a lot ‘of years ago but also online dating sites. A dating agency is addressed today not only to those looking for their first partner or partner for a lifetime or to widowers, but also to those who are single following the end of a previous relationship. Actually, marriage agencies today are more like meeting services that may be of interest also for those looking for new knowledge or friendships, therefore also for purposes other than marriage.

In this guide I will refer to marriage agencies with a physical office, which can then be visited in person by the client. However this does not exclude that the activity can also be supported by an online service , both as regards the specific aspects of the meetings, and for a series of additional services that sometimes flank the simple meeting activity, such as events or holidays.

Why open a marriage agency?
Maybe you’re wondering if it really makes sense to open an agency for singles right now. Perhaps your doubt stems from the fact that it is a common opinion that singles can more easily turn to the network rather than to a physical agency.

This doubt is more than justified, but only partially represents reality. In fact there are many reasons that lead a person to turn to a marriage agency not to consider online dating sites instead. In the first place, it is important for some people to meet a person live , from the first stages of knowledge.

Secondly, not all and not all trust online meetings, for fear that they can hide malicious or for fear of ending up involved in some scam. However, this does not mean that opening an online marriage agency is impossible, or even less, discouraged.

If you prefer online
Although in the previous paragraphs I have only talked about opening a franchised marriage agency , considering only live agencies, this does not mean that it is inadvisable to open an online dating agency. If your decision is about this decision, it is likely that you will have to deal with minor expenses for opening the business (you will not have to worry about finding the right place, for example). Some franchisors offer this possibility directly, while others are geared only to physical agencies. Read on to learn more.

Requirements to open a marriage agency
Now I want to tackle a question that I am often asked when I talk about how to open a new franchise business: what are the requirements to start the business? From a legislative point of view, it is not required that you have any requirements or qualifications. This means that everyone can really consider this idea for a franchise business.
Having said that, I would however like to take into consideration the specific type of service. Opening a franchised matrimonial agency requires that the person with whom the customer will be in contact has some necessary skills, among which:

listening skills

Keep in mind that those who turn to a marriage agency look for not only a dating service, but someone able to listen to their needs. The first impact with the agency is therefore fundamental. Some franchisors also offer specific courses, which teach, for example, how to deal with customer relationships or engage potential customers. The type of courses and their presence, however, depends on the chosen franchisor; we suggest you also evaluate this aspect when choosing the best franchise for your business.

How to start small cafeteria business?

A break from everyday life for a coffee , perhaps accompanied by a dessert or a snack. An action that thousands of people do every day, do not you find? In this guide I want to talk to you about the possibility of opening a franchise café .

Cafeteria, bars or pubs in franchising?
First, I want to narrow the field a little. In this guide I decided to explain how to open a franchise café . I will therefore speak specifically of places where mainly coffee and coffee-based drinks are served, sometimes accompanied by pastries, savory snacks or ice-creams. The formula depends on the choices of the owner or franchisor , in this case.

However, the franchising offer refers to a room mostly open during the day, focused on a general clientele. In this sense, the place we are talking about is completely different compared to a pub but also to a generic bar. However, this does not mean that the differences in the offer can be very different from one café to another. Especially in the case of the franchise , we will see later how the offer is really very diversified.

Why open a café?

The idea of ​​starting a new business by opening a franchise café is one of the most common in this form of entrepreneurship. The reason is dictated by the fact that cafes and public places generally enjoy constant success, especially when they turn to a very large potential market, such as in the case of a cafeteria. The opening of a franchise café could be an alternative to employee work for those who have already worked as a barman in the past, or a good opportunity for those who wish to pursue this career. As we will see later, no particular requirements are required, even if a bit of experience certainly does not hurt.

A cafeteria is also a possibility of employment that can involve more people. Unlike other ideas to open a franchise business in fact, it can also be undertaken by two or more members as it is almost always necessary the presence of more people in order to carry out the work at best.

The typical customer: who is a café for?

A not insignificant aspect in the evaluation phase of the best franchising opportunity is given by the potential clientele of a café. As I mentioned earlier, it is very varied. It starts for example from the person who is taking a break from work, to the group of children or friends who want to share a moment of relaxation, passing through the customers looking for a quick meal during the lunch break. Breakfasts, snacks and snacks are other moments of the day on which the activity of a café can be concentrated. Depending on the formula chosen, however, the opportunities to attract customers can be continuous throughout the opening hours. For example, think of a café with pastry or ice-cream parlor: in this case, the consumption opportunities for the customer increase significantly.

Requirements to open a café
Before discovering the ideas I have selected for you , I want to address one more point about the opening of a café: the necessary requirements. We start from training: some franchisors offer training courses and ad-hoc coaching periods. However, at least minimal experience in the sector is strongly recommended. If you’ve never done this before, you might consider a specific coffee shop course. They are frequently organized, both as regards the basics and for aspects of greater specialization, such as for example to make milk art products (coffee and cappuccino decorations using milk) or on specialty coffees (high quality coffees) ).

For the real opening of the room, the procedure that you will have to follow includes:

Locating the business premises
Opening of a VAT number
Sending the single communication for the beginning of the activity to the Revenue Agency
Please note that the venue must meet the ASL requirements for opening to the public. Sometimes the franchisor offers specific advice on this point, but if not, consult the municipality of location of the local or local health authority to know all the regulations and procedures to be followed. There are indeed some aspects that may differ depending on the place. Among the necessary requisites everywhere it is certainly worth mentioning the HACCP certificate, which is issued following the attendance of a specific course on the treatment of food to guarantee the hygienic safety of all that is administered

Open a franchise pharmacy, how to do and list best franchisors

Health, wellness or wellness are three words that you will hear every day and that you probably love. Why not do a job? In this guide I’ll explain why (and especially how), open a franchised pharmacy . Discover the requirements, advice for choosing the place for your new business and the best franchises. For each franchise you will find the initial investment required and other requests to know before opening.

Parapharmacy and pharmacy: which differences?
Before explaining how to open a franchise pharmacy I would like to take stock of what is meant by parapharmacy and what the law provides for this particular type of outlets. First of all the parapharmacy can be interpreted as a “quasi-pharmacy”. The substantial difference between the two types consists in the fact that the parapharmacy is not authorized to sell and prepare drugs subject to sale only by prescription.

In other words, the parapharmacy is therefore authorized to sell only drugs that do not require a prescription and over-the-counter medications. However, the drugstore can sell products for wellness and beauty , such as cosmetics, products for children, or even food intended for particular groups of the population, such as those for celiacs, diabetics or low-calorie foods. The parapharmacies are also authorized for the sale of most veterinary medicines.

The presence of parapharmacies is possible in Italy following the so-called “liberalization decree” of 2006, which allowed for the expansion of commercial possibilities for many products, including pharmaceuticals. As we will see later, the sale of drugs, even if over the counter, can not however be carried out by anyone.

Why open a parapharmacy?
As you have been able to understand in the previous paragraphs, the merchandise for sale in parapharmacies is not limited only to over-the-counter drugs, but includes a large portion of products dedicated to wellness and beauty . This sector is a good opportunity for those who want to open a new business, as it is aimed at a very large segment of the population, and for this reason the chances of success are quite high.

Another aspect in favor of the opening of a franchised pharmacy comes from the preference of some people for treatments and remedies other than those of western medicine, which can be marketed in parapharmacies, such as herbal or homeopathic products. The possibility of extending the sale to accessories for health and to host spaces within the parapharmacy rooms for analysis, self-analysis and consultations, are other aspects that can make you understand how the possibilities of attracting customers are really high for this type of activity.

Open a pharmacy: not just for graduates
At this point I guess you’re wondering if you need a degree to open a drugstore. You may be surprised, but the answer is no. In fact, starting from the aforementioned decree on liberalization , anyone can open a parapharmacy. However, if you do not have a degree in pharmacy, you will need to rely on a pharmacist to sell drugs. This means that the owner may not be in possession of the degree, but in this case will have to consider the need to collaborate permanently with one or more pharmacists registered regularly in the register.

However, the presence of a pharmacist is not the only requirement for opening a pharmacy . In the following paragraph I will explain the others.

Open a franchise building and services business

Home sweet home, of course. But also home, dear home. How many services does your home need to be kept at its best? Many, indeed very many. And it needs so many services already starting from the planning or restructuring phase . This explains why I decided to talk to you about how to open a home improvement business and services.

Construction and services for the home: what are we talking about?
But what do I mean when I talk about construction and services for the home? This sector includes a series of services that are also very different from each other, whose common denominator is the object on which to intervene: the house or the buildings in general.

Home services include those relating to the construction of the house itself or its renovation, such as acrobatic construction and energy-saving design . With reference to the buildings already built, the services for the home may concern its redevelopment, ordinary maintenance or extraordinary work or even disinfestation. As you can see the areas of services for the home are really very large and affect virtually all homes. That’s why working in this sector could be a good business idea. However, people are not always willing (or have the opportunity) to design an activity of this kind to zero. That’s why for those who want to work independently in one of these sectors thefranchise could be an answer.

Why open a service and construction agency

As I have already mentioned in the previous paragraph, the first reason that could push you to evaluate a building activity and services for the franchise house is the broad panorama that this definition includes. In other words: the services that a house or a building in general may need are many and many can be the professional figures to which sooner or later it will be necessary to address.

The choice to open a franchise business for this sector could be advantageous especially for those who have skills in the sector, but do not want to create a new business from scratch, especially in a sector that could prove complex. In this sense, the franchise represents the point of balance between the willingness to work on their own and to avoid the risks associated with a new business project .

In the following section you will find out what the requirements are to open a franchise business for building and home services. Keep reading.

Who can open a building activity: professional requirements and profiles
At least from a theoretical point of view, anyone could open a home or franchising service agency. However, this is a very particular sector; this is why opening is usually recommended for those who already have experience in the sector, like a former employee, who would like to start their own business and therefore be able to manage their working time autonomously. This type of franchise business could also be an idea for a young construction or energy professional .

Depending on the franchise chosen, it is possible that the franchisor provides specific courses for the exercise of the activity. However, keep in mind that for some aspects, such as building construction or energy certification, you may need to avail yourself of the collaboration or advice of professionals qualified for specific jobs.

As regards the permissions for the franchise business, normally you will need:

Open a VAT number
Sending the single communication for the commencement of the activity to the municipality of residence, if it decides to equip you with an office or a space open to the public with direct sales (it is not necessary if the space is a simple office)
Possible specific authorizations for the sector of activity
In the second point of the list I cited a physical space, that is an office open to the public. This space may not be necessary, but it depends a lot on the type of service you want to offer. Also keep in mind that a home building and service business may need a warehouse to store the materials, tools and vehicles needed for the job.

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